Come From Away at Atwood Concert Hall

Come From Away Tickets

Atwood Concert Hall | Anchorage, Alaska

Come From Away

Come From Away is the unbelievable true story of 38 airplanes that were flying on September eleventh 2001. The true story of 7000 passengers stuck in the small town of Gander, Newfoundland Only at the marvelous Atwood Concert Hall in the city of Anchorage on the Sunday 3rd December 2023. This very small Island just off the coast of Canada almost doubled its population overnight as suddenly all these planes had nowhere else to land, taken from first-hand accounts of those very passengers this is a truly heart-rending story of enduring friendship, purchase your tickets now for the most amazing story you will ever hear!

One of the main characters — and real-life badass — Beverley Bass is the first female captain for American Airlines, and she was also flying one of the planes that landed in Gander. Jenn Colella received a Tony Award nomination for her performance on Broadway, and Bass herself has experienced the event almost 100 times. The 11 o’clock number “Me and the Sky” alone is worthy of the price of admission. Why not come and watch this incredible journey at the illustrious Atwood Concert Hall in Alaska?

Come From Away at Atwood Concert Hall

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