Aladdin at Atwood Concert Hall

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Atwood Concert Hall | Anchorage, Alaska


Atwood Concert Hall is ecstatic to be staging the Aladdin on Thursday 18th April 2024. Secure your places without delay as spots are in high demand. You do not want to miss out. Watch as The Genie welcome you to the world of Aladdin, starting with Agrabah, the diverse setting for the extraordinary theatrical story of Aladdin. Atwood Concert Hall is ecstatic to be presenting such a spectacular theatrical show that has been loved by audiences for years. Revel in the daring, brave adventure of Aladdin as he and The Genie uncover the true value of friendship and strength. Book your places and relish in the sparkle of Aladdin on Thursday 18th April 2024 at the Atwood Concert Hall.

This is precisely what you wished for! The hit Broadway musical Disney’s Aladdin, playing for you live at Atwood Concert Hall in Anchorage on Thursday 18th April 2024. “Pure genie-us!” says USA Today and, “Fabulous and extravagant!” Says The New York Times. Hold onto your magic carpet and take flight to the Arabian city of Agrabah, a fully assorted city of aristocrats, merchants and thieves. We enter near the useless cut-throat brigand Aladdin, as he gets caught up in the evil plot by the Sultan's Grand Vizier, Jafar, who wants to usurp the throne and steal away the beautiful Princess Jasmin for himself. Aladdin manages to escape from the Cave of Wonder with a teeny bit of help from a potent Genie, then becomes the wealthy Prince Ali, to woo the gorgeous Princess Jasmin. The inconceivable happens and the horrible Jafar gets his hands on the lamp and whoever has the lamp rules the Genie! Jafar becomes the new exceptionally strong sorcerer Sultan of Agrabah and whisks away the striking Princess Jasmin for himself! How will Aladdin destroy the criminal Grand vizier and save the stunning Princess Jasmin, or will this yarn end in tears and ruin for the city of Agrabah?

Aladdin at Atwood Concert Hall

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