Aladdin at Atwood Concert Hall

Aladdin Tickets

Atwood Concert Hall | Anchorage, Alaska


Thursday 11th April 2024 is your opportunity to ride a magic carpet with the dazzling Aladdin at the Atwood Concert Hall. Do not squander your chance to be there, and purchase your tickets today. Let the magic of Aladdin take you to Agrabah where you will meet the characters, delight in the amazing music and follow orphan Aladdin on his adventure. What will happen when the courageous Aladdin is given the gift of three wishes? How will he fare against the plotting of the villainous Jafar? And will he realise the real value of love? Discover for yourself the wonder of Aladdin and grab your tickets for Thursday 11th April 2024 at the Atwood Concert Hall.

Prepare for an evening of clever but laid-back humor—rife with jokes and word play that defy demographic barriers, and with the accessible inside-theater references that are a Nicholaw speciality—coursing through its relatable critique of class and gender inequality. Aladdin remains, with the possible exception of the visually breathtaking The Lion King, the most adult-friendly of Disney’s screen-to-stage productions, thanks in large part to the sharp but goofy humor. Aladdin will defy your dour expectations with amazing choreographies that will create a truly infectious atmosphere. Prepare for a sweet night of endearing fun that you can give into with your friends and family. Exciting for all ages, Aladdin will deliver a night to remember. Buy your tickets today.

Aladdin at Atwood Concert Hall

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